Simon Bradley and Ursula Troche combine text, sound art, imagery and performance, their work explores post-subjectivities and displacement. Through risk-taking and post-Fluxus practices ArtCouple have pioneered a form of ‘micro-psychogeography’ arising out of their collaborative walking art. Their emergent works include installations, performance interventions and assemblages of found objects informed by ecological concerns and site-specific findings.

As part of RE Drift, ‘PYLON 111’ will focus on the last days of a single pylon in the hinterlands of Workington docks that is quite literally at the end of the line. The material history of the pylon stretches back into World War Two, but it will meet its demise on Monday 9th November when it will be felled and dismembered by PLPC Ltd. This date happens to coincide with the 31st anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

Using a combination of film, still photography, sound recording, interviewing and archive material, the outputs will find expression in multimodal interventions both on site and online.