At the Fate of the Tidal Mouth

At the Fate of the Tidal Mouth (2022)- Artist Filmmakers RL Wilson and Laurence Campbell have responded to the dynamic land, sea and soundscapes of the Cumbrian coastline to playfully portray the movements of the estuary birds at Ravenglass and evoke the site of the old wardens hut on Drigg sand dunes.
Inspired by and continuing the work of naturalists, scientists and artists who have previously explored the dunes, the exhibition is comprised of an experimental video and sound portrait that documents fragments of natural occurrences and examines the dislocated journeys of those who came before.
At once, the piece is a document of the place, and an experimental portrait- playing with the concepts of time and movement, and utilising the knowledge and expertise of Cumbria Wildlife Trust, former RSPB Warden Dave Shackleton, and landowners of Muncaster Castle.
At the Fate of the Tidal Mouth provides an ethereal response to the environment that hosts the multiple migratory species of birds that visit the area, including; Black-headed Gulls, Curlews, Oystercatchers, Common Terns and Pink-footed geese.

The piece also responds to themes of journey, time and environmental concerns- not only reflecting the scientific research and natural changes that have taken place over the last fifty years, but also the cultural and historical references of the area