Live Ammo

The wet launch of RE Drift invited improv duo The Great Indoors to perform live and improvised at Kokoarrah rocks at low tide. They were then invited to perform on dry land at Drigg Dunes, midnight on Halloween.

These performances were broadcast live via our instagram account. The artists responded to these unique location via bat detectors, voice, DIY instruments and megaphone.

Ravenglass Estuary Soundcamp – an event in and around the Drigg Estuary produced by RE Drift & Full of Noises with performances from RL Wilson, Natalie Sharp and Alex Metcalfe.
Film by Laurence Campbell.

Organised as part of Soundcamp 9 and Reveil, a 25 hour broadcast following the dawn chorus across the globe. Supported by Acoustic Commons, a Creative Europe funded cooperation project between FoN, CONA, Locus Sonus and Soundcamp. 

To celebrate World Sand Dune Day, RE Drift partnered with Full of Noises and Dynamic Dunescapes, for walks and workshops across the dunes interspersed with performances from invited artists:

Supported by Acoustic Commons, RE Drift and FON. artist Natalie Sharp performed as part of her SPUME residency on the estuary – working with her Dad to playfully respond to morse code, interspecies communication, Cumbria, the Seychelles, and the sea.

Sound artist Tim Shaw led an ambulated sound walk through the dunes, and performed Points of Failure at the old warden’s hut.

RL Wilson once again inhabited the role of former warden Major Rose – as our guide to the dunes.

Film by Laurence Campbell