Irene Rogan

Irene Rogan works from her native Millom responding to location and environment through conceptual, environmental installations and sculpture and community-embedded practice.  As part of RE Drift, Irene has taken to the waters of the Duddon Estuary and the beaches around Millom – inspired by and informing a new body of work through science, data, and the environment. Threaded through all the work, though, is a persistent preoccupation with place and its meanings.

Irene recently received Arts Council Funded for The Making of a Cultural Landscape 2018, Between Silence and Light 2019 based in and around Millom, Copeland. These programmes were an experiment. It was an exploratory endeavour to bring together a diverse range of creative practitioners within the richly diverse topographies of south-west Cumbria. By extension, it was an attempt to bring the work of these artists and her own work, to the attention of audiences, in this difficult-to-reach part of the region, who don’t ordinarily have access to innovative contemporary art. International residencies include Arts council funded travel research to Cuba 2017 and residencies in Florida 2016 and Finland 2015.